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Las Pymes, el financiamineto, la eficiencia macroeconómica y un sueño tranquilo

Who has not listened to some SME entrepreneur, and others who are not so SMEs, who do not ask for credits or other forms of external financing, to finance their business needs because they prefer to sleep peacefully….?….?

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '02 May 2019'
Novagestion Asesorías Financieras
Government of Chile delivers important accreditation to Mandana Behirad shareholder of Novagestión Asesorías Financieras SpA
Mandana Behirad
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Our purpose is to provide a complete and efficient service of consulting, studies and projects in different fields of financial and economic engineering. All industries.Especially in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; renewable energy; and environmental management.

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