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Optimizing the Economic Value of The Companies

Novagestión Financial Advisory wishes to address the focus on a crucial aspect of modern business management. "Value Management". In particular,
the optimized management of the economic value of companies. In this article we present the conceptual basis as well as the development of a pedagogical example through which the executives: Directors and Managers, can
lead, strategically, the management of their respective companies. We invite the community to address their efforts in this direction.

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '08 Jul 2019'

Premium for Implicit Risk. A Glance to Chilean Market

Next, we provide the business community with a methodology for calculating the Implicit Risk Premium of the Chilean Market, based on the behavior of the IPSA stock index. Novagestión Asesorias Financieras will estimate this value with a periodicity of six months. This concept is key in the estimation of the capital cost rate, which is usually used in Corporate Finance.

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '03 Jun 2019'

SMEs, financing, macroeconomic efficiency and a peaceful dream.

Who has not listened to some SME entrepreneur, and others who are not so SMEs, who do not ask for credits or other forms of external financing, to finance their business needs because they prefer to sleep peacefully?….?

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Author: Nelson Escobar | Publication date: '02 May 2019'

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Our purpose is to provide a complete and efficient service of consulting, studies and projects in different fields of financial and economic engineering. All industries.Especially in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; renewable energy; and environmental management.

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